cloud-based organisation charting for small- to medium-sized companies


Create charts online in minutes.


Design the chart to your requirements

Our web-based chart tool orginio allows for the visualisation of organisational structures in no time. You can either start from scratch to build your company’s hierarchy or upload the data into orginio, e.g. from an existing Excel file. Either way, we offer the basic framework and smart designs. It is also possible to build your chart based on your corporate design and integrate your company logo.


Charts developed with orginio can be restructured via drag-and-drop or updated with new information anytime.


All employees can retrieve the chart via their browser using the interactive display. They can also share the chart or print to PDF.


orginio quickly displays occupied and open positions within your company, allowing for timely talent acquisition. When managing resources, you are able to assign multiple positions to an employee or place several employees onto one position.


orginio offers several ways of displaying your company’s hierarchy, be it based on positions, employees or even organisational units. 


You can search for all the information you have imported into orginio.

Your KPIs at a glance

Be it depth of structure, headcount, level, number of positions or span of control – orginio provides you with effective personnel or company structure statistics.

Mobile charts

Retrieve information on all mobile devices: Thanks to orginio's responsive design feature, it does not matter which tablet or smartphone you use. The presentation of your data is automatically adjusted to the screen size of your device. Use orginio as a company directory on your mobile device to have your colleagues’ contact data readily available at all times.