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No two transformations are the same but all require successful workforce transformation

Business transformation is now a given to keep up. The challenge is how to apply best thinking to not only systems and process but also to your workforce and structure. In theory, the best business cultures and structures will provide the efficiencies, innovation, and agility required to succeed at business transformation.

The achieve successful business transformation you need a cohesive and successful workforce transformation. To do this you need to align your corporate culture, structure, and talent with your business transformation strategy. Before embarking on workforce transformation there are several questions to ask about your workforce structure and talent. The answers to the six questions below will tell you how well you know your workforce and how prepared you can be to achieve transformation alignment:

1. Have we a clear end-to-end view of the characteristics of our current workforce? and of our desired future workforce?

2. Have we a view of what workforce factors will contribute to our success?

3. Have we a view of our workforce capability and resourcing?

4. Have we an integrated view of how transformation will impact our workforce at every level?

5. Will our current workforce engagement level enhance or hinder our transformation?

6. Will we be able to demonstrate that our workforce has transformed to where it needs to be?

Why is workforce transformation so important? Because business transformation is underpinned by the quality and passion of your people. This can only be understood from developing detailed workforce insights. Such insights are not available from summary dashboards or rolled up and aggregated data. With only an aggregated or summary view of your workforce it can easily mask problems, obscure insights, make improvements particularly difficult and even more difficult to judge their success. Yet many companies still rely on a significant amount of manual effort to manage their workforce structure and analytics; tools that are still commonly used include Excel, PowerPoint and basic charting programs. These tools are not up to the task of workforce transformation. As a result, companies miss important change opportunities and struggle with workforce-related decision making due to incomplete and inaccurate workforce data and information.

Ingentis provides advanced solutions for workforce transformation through its workforce visualisation and analytics solutions. Ingentis org.manager is an on-premise solution, Ingentis org.manager [web] for SuccessFactors is available on the SAP Cloud Platform, and Ingentis orginio is a cloud solution. Each of these solutions quickly enable companies to take a fresh perspective of their workforce from the bottom up and from the top down. This means companies can quickly develop answers to their key workforce questions, simulate organisation structure changes, create and maintain necessary before and after charts and visualise the impact of their decisions. Most importantly, our solutions can facilitate the business stakeholders and HR partners and advisors to judge workforce transformation success.

Give your business transformation the best opportunity for success. Take a fresh perspectives of your workforce today. See what is possible with Ingentis.

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