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What does best-in-class people analytics look like?

At a time of skill shortages and competitive employment environments, integrating people strategy with business strategy is more essential than ever before. With more data available, management teams are looking to HR for predictive analytics to better understand and plan for their most critical asset: their people.

Many HR departments have their people data housed in various systems, ranging from sophisticated programs to spreadsheets. Yet the majority still have a difficult time getting an accurate headcount, let alone developing insights from analytics.

Best-in-class analytics requires the ability to combine systems and data to develop the core insights needed to drive strategic business outcomes in the following five areas:




Talent, and


Effective predictive HR analytics require:

1. good data, and

2. good big-picture questions.

Without proper data HR will struggle to support the bigger-picture business context. Yet at the same time HR is responsible for answering the big-picture questions such as whether an organisation is getting the best talent in the market, how employer brand is impacting recruitment and diversity, and how skills shortages are impacting performance.

The first step to addressing the 'good data' challenge is to use a solution that can clean up and combine the people data the organisation has collected across its various systems. With this in place, the next step is to visualise this data. The final step is to identify the 'good big-picture' questions that move the business forward and mapping the right data to answer those questions.

Ingentis provides advanced solutions for workforce analytics through its workforce visualisation and analytics solutions. Ingentis can work with company data 'as-is' and can combine (merge) data from different sources including assisting with data diagnostics and clean up.

Basic and enhanced workforce visuals and associated analytics are available without customisation. Powerful calculation / data manipulation features support deeper insight. As long as the basic information is available (e.g. salary, age, gender, working hours, overtime, budget, costs etc.) any kind of KPI can be calculated and visualised in various ways by using, for example, graphs and alternative display methods.

Ingentis org.manager is an on-premise solution and Ingentis org.manager [web] for SuccessFactors is available on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Each of these solutions quickly enable companies to develop best-in-class people-analytics. This means companies can quickly develop answers to their big-picture workforce questions.

Give your business the best opportunity for success. Take a fresh perspectives of your workforce today. See what is possible with Ingentis.

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