Ingentis org.manager

Plug & Play, easy to implement charting and workforce visualisation


Is there an automated update?

Yes. Scheduled (automated) as well as manual refresh of the data are possible to update the charts and visuals.

Is there security?

Yes. Using the security add-on module, Access Protection, access to views, attributes and parts of the structure can be configured for a single user or user groups defined by rules.

Can it integrate with intranet / internet and HR/Payroll applications?

Yes. Using HTML output for the visualisation, the output can integrate into any system which supports i-frame or a simple link to a chart. Ingentis org.manager has connectors to leading HR/Payroll systems. Freely scalable ODBC-, CSV-, and LDAP- interfaces enable linkage to the data source.

Can you merge data from different sources?

Yes. Where a reference attribute is available across data sources, Ingentis org.manager can merge multiple data sources.

Can you display multiple personnel in a single position


Is this a hosted solution?

No. Ingentis org.manager is an on-premise solution requiring an MS Windows server.

However, Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF is seamlessly integrated into SAP SuccessFactors. Running on the SAP Cloud Platform, Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF can conveniently be launched directly through the SAP SuccessFactors user interface including single sign on.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. Click here for free trial.

Is training provided?

Yes. The majority of our clients require a standard installation and training (approx. 1 day usually broken over smaller sessions of 2-3 hours at a time), and this is effectively delivered via online meetings. Furthermore, a comprehensive user manual and library of reference materials are available to clients on our client portal.
Our specialist installers/trainers can provide onsite installation and training where required.

Is there a proof of concept?

Yes. We provide proof of concept support
to enable the full evaluation of our solution to suit client needs.