Ingentis distribution.list

Manage your email distribution groups easily in one place

What data source is needed?

You can take data from your core HRIS. Your are not limited to one data source.You can connect to one or multiple data sources at the same time.

What is the limit?

Up to 500,000 unique records can be handled. There is no limit to the number of distribution lists you can have. There is no limit to the number of email groups.

How is the list refreshed from source?

There is standard functionality to perform a refresh. Ingentis distribution.list will check your core HRIS, and you can perform a refresh manually or on a schedule.

Can it be used for internal and external lists?


Does it work with SAP?

Yes. Through a SAP-certified function module the data is transferred from SAP to Ingentis distribution.list. Criteria can be set to decide what is transferred from SAP.

Does everyone need a license?

Your enterprise license covers unlimited users.You can group users and assign rights to those groups to specifically configure what a user is permitted to do to specific mailing lists e.g. maintain a list or use a list.

Can it work with Lotus Notes and MS Outlook?


Can you mail directly from the application?


Can it work with email addresses such as info@ or sales@?


Can you create and store email templates in the application?


Can you schedule a mail out?


Is there a log and audit function?


Can you export an email group?


Where can I read more about the application?

For product flyers please click here.